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Software Solution

3D Systems is the leader in complete 3D content-to-print solutions.
From the broadest selection of 3D printers and services to our latest platform of 3D authoring tools – now anyone can scan, design, modify, inspect and print amazing content in 3D.

Mechanical Design

3D Systems CAD software enables you to make amazing designs quickly and easily. Create intelligent parts, assemblies and drawings with fully parametric solid modeling software.

Scan-based Design

Bring the physical world into your design environment. With 3D Systems reverse engineering solutions, you can 3D scan virtually anything, and create intelligent models that let you not only recreate existing objects, but improve them and design around them.

Freeform Design

Unleash the power of your imagination with Geomagic touch-enabled 3D modeling solutions. Sculpt and manipulate virtual clay to create beautiful designs with our unique haptic technology


When you want to ensure that your prototypes meet your digital specifications, you Inspect them. Our tools allow you to scan physical objects and match the results to your digital files. Identify and fix problems before they make it to the manufacturing floor.

Printer Software

Our 3D Printers, like any other smart device, run on software. If you need a software upgrade or software support for one of our 3D printers, or if you're simply curious and want to learn more – please click here.